Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Little Picey

Now this character Picey is very exceptional. She is the voice of reason with the girls, minus the fact that she doesn’t have a voice. Sometimes the other girls don't understand what she is trying to say. Picey doesn't talk but communicates using pictures. It’s like a big game of charades with Picey. She projects above her forehead what she is trying to say, example she would show an image of a screw then of a baseball, to express a thought she might have.


Andy said...

i really want to see this cartoon, sounds really cool.

doctorwhom said...

Picey has a very animated mouth for a fish who can not talk. That mouth is just begging for words. Tongue, teeth, lips and all... something smaller, perhaps without teeth, would speak mute more to me. With that mouth I imagine her use of charades and pics would appear more like a game and less like a natural means of communication. I'm overstating. Cheers, great designs thus far.

superclosetnerd said...

Updating my bookmarks... see you're still here. Looks different than I remembered. I've updated my stuff too - scented soy candle