Saturday, June 24, 2006


Celeste is the giggly one of the group. She is an awkward chubby girl with a terrible nerdy laugh. She is large and clumsy.Celeste is very sensitive and its a shame because she does fall victim to other kids jokes. Celeste is a pack rat she always collects everything! Anything she sees that is shiny or pretty she starts a collection of it. She has room of shelves full of knick knacks she obsessively collects. The girls tease her about it but she can only reply "Tee hehe hehe I like pretty things, and if I see something pretty I must have it in my room!! I can't help myself! Tee heh ehe."

Celeste loves candy and romance novels. She giggles and blushes during the kissy chapters.


g-fifty said...

Hey folks...awesome blog! Great ideas! Best of luck finding your show a home on the tube!

makinita said...

Verry cool design :)