Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Constellations a show for girls 6-11

This is a scene from our first script of The Constellations. Using her day planner, Aurora schedules what the girls will be up to for the day. Unfortunately for her, her fun filled plans usually get side tracked when they encounter Dr. Logic. He is usually inventing new gadgets to try and prove to the world that they exist. Dr. Logic’s failures and strange inventions have given him a reputation around town of being a little crazy. This becomes a driving force for Dr. Logic to prove them wrong. He goes to extreme lengths to try and scientifically prove that The Constellations are real.

Calling all big shots, if your a network exec and want to learn more about this show please email us and we can send you some more info about "The Constellations". We currently have the first episodes script written, and we are developing more storylines everyday. Now if your not a big shot but would like to help us out we would really appreciate your comments on our stuff. What do you like? What don't you like? How do you think we could make this an even better idea.


Jay D Smith said...


Stephen Studios said...

If you need a flash animator hit me up!


Makinita said...

This looks really great !! :)

Brad said...

This looks like a lot of fun.
Great designs.
What kind of locations
do they have the sky?
Do they live in like a cloud city?
I was also wondering do they
have to go back to
their 'star' form?
Do they have a contact on Earth
that knows about them?
(besides the villan)?

ZSL said...

Beautiful drawings, and a cute concept!
Cant wait to see this animated!

jessicaLynn83 said...

Thanks you guys are so sweeet!
Im gonna keep doing drawings when I can!!

The creators, Jessica Borutski and Chris Dainty said...

Hey Brad thanks for all the great questions, I'll be posting a little more detail to explain those questions and the setting a little better.

shannon said...

It looks great, although I still don't get why a group of mystical creatures all need to look caucasian in human form. By the time that your show gets to air, you may be leaving out half of american children