Wednesday, June 21, 2006


So a key point to talk about in our show is the transformation between "The Constellations" mythical form, to their human pre-teen little girl form. Lots of adventures happen up in the clouds around the top of Mount Evermyst, this is where the girls are in the "mythical form". The second main location in the show in the little town at the bottom of the mountain. When venturing down into the town the girls belend in with the people by changing into their human form.

The Constellations magically tranform into their human form using their 'cloud powder kits' located at the side of the mountain.


Richtoon said...

This is really appealing stuff!! Keep poisting more!!


Anonymous said...

this looks awesome, i want more i want more!

Anonymous said...

Wow I would REALLY like this to be a show! it's AMAZING! Keep up the good work and good luck!!

Stephen Studios said...

Cute stuff you got here! Nice work!


jessicaLynn83 said...

thanks Rich
Good to hear from you!