Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jessica's Cartoon

This short was featured on Nickelodeon in the Nicktoons festival in 2005. It also was showcased in the Ottawa Animation Festival in 2005.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Chris Dainty's "Emma Graves"

This is my short of another show pitch that I'm working on independently called Emma Graves. The short was created to showcase how the characters interact for the series. Emma Graves target audience is girls 6-11. I hope you guys like it.

Also we will be posting Jessica's Panda's short soon. If you want to watch it now go to www.jessicaborutski.com

Saturday, July 15, 2006

new pic

A new pic to show you guys.

Chris Dainty here, well this has been one roller coaster ride for me these last two months. From losing a good friend, to seeing my dreams in my career materialize it’s been an eventful time in my life. I've been working hard on my company Dainty Productions and just finished up my first contract for a small animated piece that will be featured in a documentary on CBC this Sunday the 16th at noon.

Apart from The Constellations, Jess and I have both independently been working on our own show pitches. I've been working on creating a show pitch for my short Emma Graves and Jess has been working on creating a show bible for her short Pandas. I will try and put these shorts up on the blog in the near future.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Jumping out of the stars

So we had a question in one of the comments

"was wondering do they have to go back to their 'star' form?"

And the answer is that in every episode it starts with them popping out of the night sky in the early morning. And every episode ends at dusk with The Constellations jumping off the clouds and turning back into their constellation star form.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The world of The Constellations

The opening shot of each episode begins here. As you can see, the peak of Mount Evermyst pokes through the top of the atmosphere where the stars gather, making it a great place for the Constellations to hang out. The feeling created by the show is that the human world is just a big backyard playground where the Constellations like to play.

Up in the clouds, anything the imagination can think of creating is possible. The Constellations have the ability to shape the clouds into whatever objects that come to mind. Thinking up ideas and adding a little bit of star dust to the clouds is all the Constellations have to do, so there is never a shortage of games or toys.

We want to thank everyone who has dropped in and commented on our work- we really appreciate all the support as it motivates us to work harder!!