Saturday, July 01, 2006

The world of The Constellations

The opening shot of each episode begins here. As you can see, the peak of Mount Evermyst pokes through the top of the atmosphere where the stars gather, making it a great place for the Constellations to hang out. The feeling created by the show is that the human world is just a big backyard playground where the Constellations like to play.

Up in the clouds, anything the imagination can think of creating is possible. The Constellations have the ability to shape the clouds into whatever objects that come to mind. Thinking up ideas and adding a little bit of star dust to the clouds is all the Constellations have to do, so there is never a shortage of games or toys.

We want to thank everyone who has dropped in and commented on our work- we really appreciate all the support as it motivates us to work harder!!


R.A. MacNeil said...

Great blog. Lots of fun drawings. I'll be check back for sure.


Justin said...

I think this is an amazing story idea, constellations come to life, how mythical! how wonder full! I'm
hooked methink's. Awesome drawings as always..