Monday, September 11, 2006

Animation pitch almost done

So we have been busy recording audio for the pitch. The picture above is of Dylan Black when he was over recording the narration for our pitch. You might have heard is voice before if you live in the Ottawa area as he is a radio personality on The Bear 106.9. He also did a voice for the crazy Aunt Irene in my short "Emma Graves". He is on Myspace at

Also in the background you can see our big poster that we got printed for the pitch.

We should have the animated pitch/short up on youtube by wed.

10 days till we pitch, craziness!!!!!!!!!

Here is the link to the Ottawa Animation Festival page about our pitch.

Here is a pic of Jess and her dog, which was the inspiration for Dr. Logic's dog.

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Pat McMicheal said...

Whoa...What a MUG.......The dog is cut too! ;)