Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Constellations people to thank

Hey hey, Chris Dainty here. Well we did our pitch and we didn’t even mess up a line. We got some really helpful constructive criticism, which was a huge help. We are working on writing some new episode ideas then we will re submit and who knows maybe it will take off one day soon. But overall we are really happy of what we pitched, and it seemed to go over good. We will keep you posted.

So lets talk about the origin of this show idea. Well it all started with Jess, she had an idea about four girls that lived in a magical place where anything was possible. Then I asked her, "Hey want to work on this idea together?" So we started to build the world of the Constellations. The overall idea came from us tossing ideas back and forth of what these mythical creatures could be. Then the idea, Constellations came about. We looked in a book to see if there even was constellations to the characters Jess had designed. We make some changes, one being that Picey was at one point a fairy, which we changed to being the fish.

Jessica did all the designs for the characters as I wrote the show bible. We would often toss ideas back and forth to what they should look like, we even based Dr. Logic off a friend of ours, which was really funny. With our first episode that we wrote Jess came up with the idea for a talent show. I wrote the episode but every step of the way would bounce ideas back and forth. Finally after everything was written, I took Jess' AMAZING artwork and put it together for our show bible. And then 6 months later we both had a show pitch under our belt.

It’s been a great experience working with Jess, and so many others on this project.

I just wanted to thank;

Jessica - The constellations is nothing without your amazing art!

Gerry - Thanks for your animation help, you’re a genius animator

Juan - Thanks for helping us sparkle with your AMAZING special effects

Ren - Always great working with you

Max - Your music gave our show something great, your crazy talented!

Kyle - Great work, its been awesome getting to know you. You gave me so many good ideas

Norrie - Your the Pro Tools master!

Alana - Thanks for fixing me bad grammar hehehe

Andrea - Thanks for the late night last min grammar fixes you helped me big time

Michel - Seeing the start of it all, thanks for all the ideas.

Sylvie - You gave our show an iconic logo, Thank you SO MUCH!

Maral - Picking our show to be pitched at the animation festival

-All the people that we dropped by their house to practice our pitch, thanks for lessening

Without these people help we wouldn’t have developed a show that I'm so proud to have my name on. It’s really been a great experience working on this show, and now its at the point were we are at the fine tuning stage and we'll see where it leads us.


Corey said...

It's a shame the show didn't get picked up this time around. It's a great show premise with some really cool characters. Perhaps the stars aren't aligned just right for it!
I'm hoping you two will still update this blog with artwork and whatnots!

GerryD said...

Thanks for the shout out Chris. Your stuff is always a refreshing break to work on!

Kyle Marshall said...

awwwwwwwww shucks thanks chris