Thursday, October 26, 2006

First look

This is first look at The Constellations toy that's being sculpted by the extremely talented Jason Peltz. Currently we are shopping the toy idea around to see if we can get some interest, then if no big toy companies jump on this, we will produce it ourselves and sell it on the web. We will be posting the development of the toy as we go along.


Megan Ferguson said...

Looks great so far ! i'd be interested in buying one - wether on the web or in a store. I'd set it up at my desk for inspiration at school :0

Jay D Smith said...

wow, looks cool!!!

wish i could scuplt!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Bloggers

building photos to help with home building ideas

Kevin Barber said...

Jays a good dude. You are in good sculpy hands. Love your designs as well. Talented kiddies.