Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Constellations

Well folks here is a new pic to feast your eyes on. Yes sir, this is a marketers dream TV show. Not only do we have four characters, but they have duel identities (think of the toy possibilities, it's nuttiness.) If you look back to the first post you can see "The Constellations" in the human form that they take when in the little town at the bottom of Mount Evermyst. They are sliding down the Big Dipper slide in this pic. It takes them from the star world to the top of Mount Evermyst in the clouds. The girls play in the clouds during the day.

We would love to hear some feedback about what people think of the show.
Our target audience is girls aged 6-12. So if you happen to have a child around that age, get them to check out the pics and leave a comment. If you happen to be a 28 year old living in your parents' basement eating cheetos, we would still like to hear from you too. Next week, we will be posting loads more images, and we'll need lots of feedback (preferably people in our target audience). So if you know any little ones, send them this way to leave a comment. Also, please include in your comments, your age and gender. Thanking you in advance for your time.

p.s. To all you creative types that come up with shows, don't steal our ideas! Stealing is bad Karma, besides it's already copyrighted.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to watch it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just felt compelled to say that this is absolutely brilliant and as a 21 year old woman I can say I feel like I missed you because these characters weren't a part of my girlhood memories. This work looks timeless and fun and you have a serious gift!
-Shannyn [Trevor Bennett's Partner in Crime]

Anonymous said...

I missed out* because these characters weren't a part of my girlhood memories.

Damn typos...