Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Animation!!!


Russell_Reyes said...

cool but i think the whole 'token black' thing was kinda forced...

David Germain said...

You absolutely have to state exactly who this show is geared towards, right? That's a "requirement" the TV executives have is that correct?

If so, then that is truly the ulimate evil that is ruining animation today. The sooner we get rid of this bullshit notion the better shows will be.

I'm certainly not putting down this show. It definitely looks great. I just hate the shit you have to do to sell it to brandead executives who can't even tell the difference between good and bad animation.

The creators, Jessica Borutski and Chris Dainty said...

Hey David, ya with pitching a show you really have to say who its geared for, which I agree sucks but there are good reasons for it. The network exec's need to have specific details on who will be watching so that they can sell the show to advertisers. If a toy company wants to sell their product for young girls, they will put it in a show with the right age category. Now does putting an age on a show destroy it, hardly, it all has to do with the writers in my opinion. Bad writers = bad shows. When coming up with a show all we really worry about story. Now with stating "the show is for girls 6-11" we will know in 10 seconds if a network exec is looking for that demographic. It saves us and them time.

Hey Russell
Well I see you have noticed that we changed one of our characters to be a little darker. But wait a second Star is not black; she is Indian with a British accent. We thought that would a little different. Why the change? Well just to be more diverse, you can sell more toys that way.

Alexis Murray said...

Hey guys, I like the trailer and hope the show gets picked up soon.

As for the change with Star: I like that her skin is darker and that she'll have a British accent. However, the audience will probably assume she's African-British unless the story really says it... To me, there's nothing that really shows she's Indian, and as an American first name, Star is more associated with black culture (i.e., Star Jones).

The problem I would have is with a green unicorn, because mammals generally don't have masses of green fur unless they have mold or some sort of disease... For me, thinking about it is distracting.. maybe you can restrict the green to just the mane and tail? It would still look stylish, and would be less distracting.


David Germain said...

because mammals generally don't have masses of green fur unless they have mold or some sort of disease...

So, by that rationale, is Kermit the Frog covered in mold? ;)

Sorry the pitch didn't take. Presenting them with ideas for toys would probably put it over the top. I'm sure if you listened close you'd hear all their brains make a cash register noise all at the same time.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Haha! I'm 16 and I plan on watching it like a fiend when it takes off. Which will hopefully be soon.

I wish you guys the best of luck. It looks amazing and adorable!

I'm definatly buying some toys and t-shirts when they come out!